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Current software, advanced techniques, modern technology, and personal attention.

Robinson Metal has always taken pride in offering the exact services our customers need. That includes using the latest welding techniques to having the most current, up-to-date programming software versions. We understand that attention to the small details often makes a huge difference in quality metal fabrication.

To consistently deliver the best, we complement our one-on-one personal attention with our topflight services: design and engineering; AWS- and ASME-certified welding; coatings; metal forming and stamping; assembly; water jet and laser cutting and many more.

Review our services and see how Robinson goes beyond the typical metal fabricator. Click a service to reveal more and get started!

Design & Engineering Software >

With Robinson, you get an experienced engineering team designing on a variety of equipment. In short, the exact level of expertise for your project, large or small. Prior to fabrication, we use the latest design software (Compress by Codeware, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and others) to produce and submit detailed prints based on your GA print and specs for you to review. Robinson Metal engineers stay involved throughout a project, from design to material procurement.

AWS- and ASME-Certified Welding >

Rest assured, we guarantee that all code requirements will be met. We have the capability to write and test new welding procedures in-house with no impact to your project deadline.

  • Over 95 welders qualified to both AWS and ASME codes
  • 4 in-house AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Multiple AWS Welding Procedures Certified to D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.6, D9.1, D14.1, and D17.1
  • ASME Section IX Procedures for many grades of stainless steel, nickel alloys, carbon steel, chromoly, and multiple grades of aluminum
  • Thickness from .062” to unlimited in multiple process’ including GMAW-S, GMAW-P, GTAW, FCAW, and SAW

Sheet Metal Punching >

Robinson focuses on high productivity with a minimum consumption that, ultimately, saves you money. The technology and performance of our punching machines are adaptable to nearly any production need. Our process integration allows for higher flexibility.

Coatings >

Coatings can increase the lifespan of a part while reducing maintenance costs. Plus, the part will need to be replaced later. Robinson helps you identify what kind of coating is needed and select the appropriate coating. From computer-assisted equipment to conventional spray, powder flock, and electrostatic spray techniques, Robinson is ready to apply the latest industrial coatings.

Metal Forming

Transforming a flat sheet of metal into a usable shape is an art and a science. Robinson provides comprehensive custom metal forming services. Our experienced engineers’ expertise helps them perform the most complex metal forming operations with precision, and accuracy. You’ll appreciate our complete range of advanced metal forming, from simple blanking tools to complex progressive stamping dies.

Water Jet Cutting >

As material cutting technology develops, Robinson stays on the leading edge. Water jet cutting is cost-effective and delivers the precision parts you demand.

  • Cut in a range of metal and nonmetal material, up to 6” thick
  • Get a burr-free finish, eliminating an additional session of finishing
  • Enjoy the same, or better, adherence to tolerances
  • Reduce costly set-up and machining time
  • Minimize waste

Sheet Laser Cutting >

Robinson uses the most current material-cutting technology and techniques. Cost-effective sheer laser cutting produces parts with exact precision.

  • Cut up to 1” thick, metal and nonmetal material
  • Eliminate additional finishing with an instant burr-free finish
  • Get the same, or better, adherence to tolerances
  • Decrease machining and set-up time and save money
  • Lessen waste

Assembly >

Your engineered equipment and automated systems must perform as you expect. To ensure this happens, Robinson offers complete assembly and testing services. When adjustments are needed, our comprehensive support services guarantee the results you’re paying for.

Custom Projects >

If off-the-shelf metal work isn’t sufficient for your project, Robinson can produce custom work for your specific application. Our design team integrates the requirements of your project with in-depth CAD drawings, plus our vast engineering experience. Of course, all work meets the proper code standards.

Inspection/Quality Assurance >

With the commitment to our ISO and ASME quality programs, Robinson delivers a wide range of inspections to meet your specific project requirements. We verify tolerances are met as well as in-process inspections to keep your project on track. With four AWS-Certified Weld Inspectors on staff, we can verify that stringent code requirements are met for AWS, ASME, B31.1, B31.3, API, and UL.

Along with dimensional and visual inspections, Robinson has qualified inspectors led by an ASNT Level II to offer Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), and Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, as well as having a close relationship with an outside ASNT Level III service to complete your X-RAY (RT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT).


Tube Laser >

Our designers have the ability to easily put any cutout shape into pipe and tubing. In addition to eliminating the drill-and-saw technique, our Tube Laser allows for error-proof constructing, which makes production quicker while reducing costs.
Tube Laser Shapes:

  • ¾” to 8.66″ Diameter Round Tube
  • ¾” to 6″ Square Tube
  •  8.66″ Diagonal—Rectangular Tube
  •  3.5″ Wide Angle
  •  5″ Wide Channel