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From design to completion, we’re with you every step of the way.

Rest assured, we guarantee that all code requirements will be met. We have the capability to write and test new welding procedures in-house with no impact to your project deadline. Meeting your expectations is key. That’s why an experienced Robinson Project Coordinator is assigned to every project, ensuring that it exceeds what you expect. Direct access to this point-of-contact is a quick phone call or email away.

The tougher the project, the more we can deploy our project management expertise, design skills, and dedication. Challenge Robinson for your next fabrication project: custom fabrication, turnkey projects, structural fabrication, weldments, and sheet fabrication.



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Custom >

All successful custom projects have one thing in common. They always involve great communication. Robinson puts a premium on starting with a project review meeting to understand your concept or engineered drawings. Once the information is gathered, we can correctly plan your project. Next, we assign the correct Project Coordinator to your account. This is your point-of-contact and guide throughout the entire process.

Of course, Robinson can build per print. Or, we can provide expert advice on your design, necessary materials, cost-saving ideas, and if the finished product will meet your expectations. We’ll communicate pricing, lead times, and you’ll see a detailed list on our estimate. No surprises, unless it’s a positive one.

Contact Robinson’s fabrication sales at, or call 920-494-7411.

Turn-Key Projects >

Robinson Metal is built for midsize to large turnkey projects. Our people excel at this type of work: Project managers, fabricators, certified welders, machinists, master electricians, and assemblers. They’re backed by a facility loaded with state-of-the-art equipment: lasers, water jets, press brakes, rollers, and a full Machining department.

Robinson’s inspection department performs both in-process and final inspections to make sure all specifications and tolerances are met. This also avoids costly setbacks and putting our completion date in jeopardy. We have five 240-foot crane bays with lifting capacity of up to 120 tons and 27-foot lift height. Bring on the big projects!

Contact Robinson’s fabrication sales at, or call 920-494-7411.

Structural Fabrication >

Robinson has built thousands of platforms, machine bases, trolley systems, and other structural steel fabrications. Our welders are AWS and ASME qualified for FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, and SAW in numerous grades of carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

We’ve got the right equipment for the job. Our large-capacity saws are auto indexing and can handle a 20” X 25” rectangle beam. Our water jets and boring bar can often process machined pad requirements, holes, and cutouts to save time and control accuracy. We also perform any coating work, such as paint or galvanizing.

Contact Robinson’s fabrication sales at, or call 920-494-7411.

Heavy Weldments >

Robinson handles what many other shops outsource: tight tolerance weldments that may require pre- and post-machining. Knowing that weldments come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and complexity, Robinson has acquired the equipment that can ensure quality and remove doubt about a project’s completion date.

The fabrication of the weldment, all machining requirements, and inspection processes are all under our control (because we do it all). Tube and pipe weldments are cut on our tube laser for exact miters and hole locations. We even provide CMM (coordinate measuring machine) reports to verify critical dimensions.

Contact Robinson’s fabrication sales at, or call 920-494-7411.

Sheet Fabrication >

Robinson’s longevity is rooted in sheet fabrication. From basic painted guards to pharmaceutical-grade stainless hoppers, we’ve had the right touch since 1975. Along with our advanced equipment, we still use many “old school” techniques to control warpage and blend polished 4B finishes. And, you’ll be especially impressed with our craftsmanship if you require high-end sheet metal parts.

Contact Robinson’s fabrication sales at, or call 920-494-7411.

Inspection/Quality Assurance >

With the commitment to our ISO and ASME quality programs, Robinson delivers a wide range of inspections to meet your specific project requirements. We verify tolerances are met as well as in-process inspections to keep your project on track. With four AWS-Certified Weld Inspectors on staff, we can verify that stringent code requirements are met for AWS, ASME, B31.1, B31.3, API, and UL.

Along with dimensional and visual inspections, Robinson has qualified inspectors led by an ASNT Level II to offer Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), and Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, as well as having a close relationship with an outside ASNT Level III service to complete your X-RAY (RT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT).


From one-of-a-kind projects to full-scale production, our customers receive complete and coordinated team support with elite resources and personalized attention. Call 920-494-7411 to experience the difference.