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Get to know your single-source solution for custom metal fabrication.

Robinson Metal is more than decades of experience, hundreds of employees, and a 185,000-square-foot building. We’re more than the premier custom metal fabricator throughout the Midwest and North America. We’re even more than a single, comprehensive source for the widest range of custom metal fabrication, machining, pipe & vessel, custom enclosures, and heating & cooling expertise.

Robinson Metal is the combination of extremely skilled and highly trained craftsmen, the latest technology, and a dedication to the customer. We do that by specializing in stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and polycarbonates to deliver the finest quality finished products at the best possible price.

One call = an answer. Our promise is to excel in customer communication, so you never feel alone or on your own, even if you have a one-off custom project. Explore the benefits of Robinson—our facility, our history, our strong Wisconsin work ethic, certifications, quality assurance steps, and commitment to safety—then call us to see how we can help you with your custom metal fabrication: 920-494-7411.

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Our Facility >

A 185,000-square-foot building is just a start. It includes 8 overhead crane bays, dedicated equipment areas, a large paint booth, a stainless steel blasting booth, and many more features. The facility is clean, well lit, and air-conditioned to provide our employees with a safe, comfortable place to work.

What we’re most proud of is that the design of our manufacturing facility was a collaborative effort that included input from our employees. While new equipment is continually added as we grow, the employees’ well thought-out workflow plan makes our manufacturing area exceptionally functional and organized.

—Original facility completed; 125,000 square feet
—Addition to the building completed; 50,000 square feet
—Second addition completed; 10,000 square feet
—Warehouse completed; 30,000 square feet

History >

Robinson Metal didn’t start out as a fabricating powerhouse with cutting-edge capabilities, but we’ve always had metal in our blood. Al Robinson, founder of Badger Sheet Metal, raised sons Maurie and Tom Robinson in the world of metal. Their entrepreneurial spirit is the core of Robinson Metal today: a state-of-the-art facility, a dedicated workforce, and quality workmanship.

1923—Al Robinson starts Badger Sheet Metal; sons Maurie and Tom eventually become partners

1975— The brothers open Robinson Metal and Roofing, a new venture offering three distinct areas: sheet metal work, heating & air conditioning, and roofing

1980s— The company grows steadily

1987— Tom’s son Todd joins as salesperson in heating & cooling

1989— Long-time employee Darrell LaCrosse takes the role of General Manager

1995— Roofing department is sold to its foreman

1998— Two new divisions formed: Custom Enclosures and Machining

1999— The company is sold to Darrell LaCrosse and Todd Robinson after Maurie Robinson passes away and Tom Robinson retires

2000— Robinson Metal, Inc. becomes the company name and is relocated to a larger facility, allowing for increased capabilities

2007 — Greater Green Bay Chamber Manufacturing Awards of Distinction, Medium Company Award 

2010— Robinson Metal, Inc. certifies to the ASME R, S, and U stamp code requirements

2011— Robinson Metal, Inc. certifies to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard

2017 — Ranked #10 on The Fabricator magazine’s Fab 40 List 

2017 — Greater Green Bay Chamber Manufacturing Awards of Distinction, Judge’s Choice Award for Workforce Development 

2017— Robinson Metal, Inc. re-certifies to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard

2017 — NEW (Northeast Wisconsin) Manufacturing Alliance, Excellence in Manufacturing K-12 Partnership Awards, Educational Partnership Award

2018 — Robinson acquires Gas Trailer 

2018  — Robinson acquires Product Handling Concepts (PHC) 

2018  — Robinson expands to Manitowoc, WI purchasing a 112,000 square foot facility, formerly owned by The Manitowoc Company 

2018  — Ranked #12 on The Fabricator magazine’s FAB 40 list.  Robinson has made the list nine consecutive years 


Quality Policy and Objectives

Policy – Respect, Maintain and Improve

  • We treat our employees, customers and vendors with Respect
  • We Maintain a team culture committed to providing quality products and services to exceed our customer’s expectations
  • We are a community-focused company that is committed to continual Improvement each day



  • On time delivery
  • Product quality
  • Customer service

Certifications and Affiliations >

Keeping current with our many certifications is vital to our business, and your projects. We work hard to meet the standards our customers expect, as well as our own internal expectations. Similarly, our industry affiliations keep us up-to-date on the latest techniques and innovations.

ISO 9001 – Fabrication, Machining, Pipe & Vessel, Custom Enclosures

November 2017 Robinson Metal re-certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard allowing us to have better control over our processes and quality. This certification covers:

  • The design, manufacture and service of sound attenuated enclosures, fuel tanks, trailers and other components specific to the power generation industry.
  • The design, fabrication, machining and assembly of custom components and assemblies.
  • The fabrication of certified pressure vessels including S, U and R stamp projects.

Our quality system is registered and certified by SGS. SGS is accredited by ANAB, an ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.

Download Our ISO Certificate

ASME – Pipe & Vessel

On August 5, 2010 Robinson Metal certified to ASME codes allowing us to manufacture pressure vessels under the S, U and R stamps. This certification covers:

  • Construction of power boilers and power boiler components, including boiler external piping, in accordance with Section I of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and ASME B31.1 (ASME “S” Certificate)
  • Construction of pressure vessels and pressure vessel parts in accordance with Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME “U” Certificate)
  • Repair and alteration of pressure retaining items in accordance with the rules of the Jurisdiction and the National Board Inspection Code (National Board “R” Certificates)

Download Our ASME Certificates

EGSA – Custom Enclosure

Robinson Custom Enclosures is a member of Electrical Generating Systems Association, which aggressively promotes contact with others in the industry and affords each Member an opportunity to make an impact on the industry through annual meetings and trade shows.

UL –Custom Enclosure

UL certifies, validates tests, inspects, audits, and advises and trains companies in compliance and regulatory issues to trade challenges and market access.

CAN/UL file# MH26813

IBC – Custom Enclosure

Robinson Custom Enclosures complies with the International Building Commission code requirements. IBC processes are certified by PFS Corporation.

Industries Served >

Our customers rely on Robinson to provide only the highest-quality products with the most competitive prices available. Learn More >

Quality Assurance and Inspection Equipment >

With the commitment to our ISO and ASME quality programs, Robinson delivers a wide range of inspections to meet your specific project requirements. We verify tolerances are met as well as in-process inspections to keep your project on track.

Tool Calibration by Precision Metrology

  • Annual calibration
  • As needed throughout the year

(2) Granite Table—Grade B

  • 39” x 43” and 4” x 6”

Calipers 6” x 84”

Micrometers 0-1” thru 0-18”

Bore Gauges ¾” to 6”

Height Gauges up to 30”

Gage Blocks & Gage Pins

Hardness Testers


Specialty Gauges

Zeiss Accura

  • Multi-Sensor Rack 12/10 2 Level

Faro Arm Gage Plus

Quality Documentation

  • General inspection / Certificate of conformance
  • Itemized inspection reports
  • PPAP documentation
  • WPS, PQR and WPQR documentation.

Onsite Safety Coordinator >

Creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a priority at Robinson Metal. Our onsite Safety Coordinator leads and manages safety activities throughout all divisions, ensuring a safe and accident-free work environment.​

We take great pride in our safe work practices, and protecting our most valuable assets – our employees.  Employees also contribute to all our safety initiatives.

  • The Robinson Safety Committee meets monthly and is lead by the Safety Coordinator and includes employee representation from all divisions and departments
  • See It –> Fix It –> Prevent It safety incentive program was created to encourage engagement by all employees to identify and and control potential risks before an injury occurs.