Our ability to take a project from concept through fabrication, machining and assembly ensures your project will meet specifications every time.

Our expertise with a variety of materials in the design and construction of ASME pressure vessels delivers consistently superior quality.

We specialize in turnkey projects for the back-up power generation industry including enclosures, containers, data centers, tanks and trailers.

Northeastern Wisconsin’s leader in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products and services for both residential and commercial customers.

Specializing in automated manufacturing systems that can be customized and integrated to fit your specific process needs.

Providing customers with a portable fuel trailer for both commercial and recreational use that meets their exact specifications is what we strive to accomplish with each and every build.

Custom metal fabrication from expert artisans

Reliability and unmatched craftsmanship

Robinson Metal, Inc., is your single-source solution for custom metal work that unites expertise with experience, tools with technology, and certifications with dedication. Our modern production facilities house six specialized divisions, complementing our craftsmanship and providing capabilities that meet or exceed virtually every project requirement. The work ethic and values of our northeastern Wisconsin teams create a strong, highly trained and productive workforce that delivers exceptional products worldwide.

About Us

Robinson Metal, Inc., and its forerunner has played an active role in northeastern Wisconsin’s economy for nearly a century. Beginning with Al Robinson’s initial business venture in 1923 and continuing through the rest of the 20th century under the leadership of Al’s sons, Maurie and Tom, Robinson Metal has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for a wide range of customers.

Join the Robinson team and love your job.

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ASME pressure vessel manufacturing

05 Feb

ASME pressure vessel manufacturing ensures safety and quality

ASME code includes guidance for materials, design, fabrication, examination, testing, inspection and certification of ASME pressure vessel manufacturing.

stainless steel fabrication

08 Jan

Custom stainless steel fabrication benefits food-grade projects

Custom stainless steel fabrication expertise lies at the heart of virtually every food industry project imaginable, along with non-standard fabrication jobs such as ductwork and piping.

automated process devices

04 Dec

Automated process devices make manufacturers more efficient

The demand for reliable and accurate automated process devices continues to increase as manufacturers and material handlers look to streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Our single-vendor capabilities simplify projects for you.